Sarajevo, Dubrovnik to promote each other’s tourist potentials

Photo: Wikipedia/Martin Falbisoner

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Program ‘Sarajevo, New Year’s Center of the Region’ was presented this week in Croatian coastal city of Dubrovnik. 

Mayors of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik, Abdulah Skaka and Mato Frankovic respectively, met to discuss possibilities to intensify cooperation between the two cities.

According to the City of Sarajevo’s official web site, Skaka and Frankovic “agreed on the joint vision of cooperation” through the mutual promotion of the two cities’ tourist offer and potentials.

Skaka Dubrovnik

Info tourist points will be set up in both cities, to help local residents and tourists learn more about what Sarajevo and Dubrovnik have to offer to guests and visitors.

This way, we will learn more about each other’s natural landmarks, customs, tourist potentials, cultural events, cultural and historical sites, gastronomy…” the statement reads.