FBiH Railways launch Zenica-Sarajevo Neum train/bus line

Photo: FENA

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Due to large interest of travelers from Zenica to travel to south of the country by train, the FBiH Railways are launching Zenica-Neum-Zenica train/bus line as of July 5.

Roundtrip train/bus ticket can be purchased at all train stations at price of BAM 40.10, while one-way ticket is available at price of BAM 33.60. The train departs from Zenica at 04:54 a.m. and arrives in Sarajevo at 06:39 a.m., where passengers further transfer to Sarajevo-Capljina speed train departing at 07:01 a.m. Upon arrival in Capljina, passengers transfer to Caapljina-Neum bus, which departs at 10:15 a.m.
Capljina-Sarajevo train leaves at 07:25 p.m., and passengers transfer to Sarajevo-Zenica train departing at 10:24 p.m.