Rapporteur on BiH Preda: Replies to Questionnaire are only the beginning, authorities have to avoid further delays on EU path

Photo: europarltv.europa.eu

EU Integration
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European officials congratulated Bosnia and Herzegovina on delivery of replies to the European Commission’s Questionnaire. 

Member of the European Parliament from Slovenia Tanja Fajon wrote on her Twitter profile that handing over of answers to Questionnaire to European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker represented an important step towards membership in the EU.

Be brave and work hard. (I) Wish you a successful journey ahead!” Fajon wrote.   

European Parliament’s Rapporteur on Bosnia and Herzegovina Cristian Dan Preda said that he was happy the answers to the European Commission’s Questionnaire had been finally delivered.

I would like to congratulate the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Denis Zvizdic, all the authorities involved in the process at the state, entity and cantonal level, as well as the Directorate for European Integration, headed by Mr. Edin Dilberovic. Their joint efforts in completing this first complex task on the EU accession path should be recognized in full and I hope these efforts will enable the country to progress towards getting the candidate country status”, Preda wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, I would like to underline that answering the Questionnaire is only one of the first steps in the European Commission opinion process. I call on the authorities of BiH at all levels to continue to be engaged in this process, in order to avoid further delays on the EU path. Submitting the answers to the Questionnaire is a very positive development, but the adoption of all EU-related reforms, in particular those related to fight against corruption, de-politicization of the judiciary and public administration and fundamental rights, should be accelerated, if BiH wants to obtain the candidate country status”, concluded Preda.

As of Tuesday, February 27, country’s answers to the European Commission’s Questionnaire are available on the official web site of the Directorate for European Integration (DEI) of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

DEI’s press statement reads that the answers represent the result of hard work and engagement of institutions at all levels of authority in the country.

“A total of 20,037 pages of answers were prepared. Apart from the answers, 1,151 documents which were referenced to in the answers were delivered as well”, the press statement noted.

Answers to 177 questions provided by the civil society associations were also handed over to the European Commission. DEI made it possible for citizens to answer 35 questions of general importance, and collected a total of 5,347 answers which were delivered to the European officials as well.