EUSR Wigemark: EU is here to help, not to take sides and impose solutions


EU Integration
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Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Lars-Gunnar Wigemark told N1 that the European Union was not present in BiH to take someone’s side, but to help country’s officials find solutions. 

“The role of EU and the United States here was always to assist in the process of negotiations. Whichever solution is found, it has to be a result of compromise. Reaching compromise is not someone’s defeat, it would be a sign of wisdom and strength”, said Wigemark.

“There is a chance to make a real step forward, and the fact this is an election year (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) is not an excuse not to work. Authorities will be here until October”, the EUSR underlined.

Wigemark added that the Election Law was much more important issue than the Law on Excise Duties. “We are ready to talk with anyone who is ready to listen and pay attention”, concluded Wigemark.