Novalic: Adoption of decision on temporary financing is worst possible scenario, we have to avoid it at all cost

Photo: FENA

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Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalic claims that if the budget is not adopted, the FBiH will be forced to adopt decision on temporary financing - meaning that the FBiH will not be able to initiate implementation of development projects which are supposed to be financed from the budget. 

I am talking about infrastructural projects, construction of roads, investments into airports and railroads. We will not be able to launch implementation of agreements with veterans’ organizations. Payments to farmers will be blocked as well. So, this is the worst possible scenario and we have to avoid it at all cost”, Novalic said in an interview for Banja Luka-based daily newspaper Nezavisne novine.

Prime Minister of the FBiH said that consultations among parties and within collegia of both houses of the Parliament of the FBiH were still in progress, and the exact date of extraordinary sessions of the FBiH House of Representatives and the FBiH House of Peoples has not been announced yet.

As far as he knows, however, those sessions should take place sometime next week.

The FBiH PM claims that the fact 2018 is an election year in Bosnia and Herzegovina makes it even more difficult for parties to negotiate and reach an agreement.

However, I think that reform laws which we have been devotedly working on for the past three years are important enough for unnecessary politicking to be put aside. (…) We all have to get serious and start thinking about citizens, instead about the elections”, Novalic concluded.