Slovakia seeks workers from BiH, minimum monthly wage EUR 480


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The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic has provided competent institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an information about employment possibilities in Slovakia for the citizens of BiH. 

A two-page document contains detailed information about employment possibilities in Slovakia, as well as the rights of workers.

Non-EU citizens are entitled to work in Slovakia if they have a work permits/temporary residence permits for the purpose of employment.

As of May 1, 2018, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are entitled to a residence permit if they are supposed to work in Slovakia as employees of companies from BiH or from some other EU Member State.

The minimum monthly wage in Slovakia is EUR 480, and the employer is obliged to provide meal tickets in amount of at least 55 percent of the cost of the meal.

Furthermore, Slovakian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family reminded that the employer was obliged to pay monthly contributions to health insurance, social insurance and advances on the income tax.

Employees can be fined for Labor Law violations with EUR 331.