New web page promotes tourism in three-lake area


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Internet portal Herzegovina Lakes has been created as a part of the project ‘Development of Tourism on Three Lakes’, the aim of which is to promote development of sustainable tourism in the areas of Lake Jablanicko, Lake Ramsko and Lake Trbistovo. 

The project is focused on improvement of tourist offer with the emphasis on tourism for young people, camping, sports, events, culture and gastronomy.

Project’s objective is also to increase the visibility of the lakeside tourism destination, with the aim of increasing the number of visits to the lake areas, as well as promoting investments in tourism.

The new web page includes detailed maps of the three lakes, photo and video galleries, as well as an extensive database with a total of 132 different local tourist offers - including basic information, various activities, accommodation, tradition, and gastronomy.

Three lake area 1

Three lake area 2

Three lake area 4

Three lake area 5

Three lake area 6