Presidency Chairman Covic: Meetings in Brussels to focus on Election Law, I hope that we can find solution

Photo: FENA

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In an interview for Sarajevo-based daily Dnevni avaz, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Covic confirmed that he would be travelling to Brussels on Wednesday morning, together with other two members of the Presidency of BiH, Bakir Izetbegovic and Mladen Ivanic

Covic explained that the three of them would hold a number of meetings in capacity of members of the Presidency of BiH, and then they would meet with European People’s Party leader Joseph Daul as leaders or representatives of their respective political parties.

Chairman of the Presidency of BiH noted that the meetings would focus on the Election Law of BiH and the overall situation in the country.

I hope that we can find a solution based on the model we all agreed upon without exception in BiH - that representatives of one people will not elect other peoples’ representatives, both members of the Presidency and delegates in the House of Peoples”, Covic said.

“I still feel that when it comes to electoral legislation, representatives of SDA and Mr. Izetbegovic primarily want to create a status quo in relations within BiH, in order to make a significant influence within the Croat electorate (in October)”, he concluded.

Covic added that he hoped talks about the Election Law with representatives of European and American administration would result in some sort of progress.

Also, given the fact that HDZ BiH’s proposal of changes to the Election Law is not likely to get support, Covic expects someone else to offer a better solution.

“The only important clause to me is that Croat people is able to elect their own representatives, and if that condition is acceptable for everyone, then it is easy to find solution. Any solution securing such result is acceptable”, Covic concluded.