Grabar-Kitarovic: We will not be interfering with internal legislative issues but we insist on equality of three peoples in BiH

Photo: Facebook/Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

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Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic stated in an interview for Croatian weekly 'Globus' that she is concerned with the situation in BiH, noting that the elections will take place in that country in October and that changes to the electoral legislation are yet to be adopted.

“Of course we will not be interfering with internal legislative issues, but we insist on constitutional equality of the three peoples. It is beyond comprehension that somebody can today talk about war as solution to an open issue, like we could hear from some politicians in last few days. I believe it is Bosniak politicians, if they want a stable, prosperous and functional Bosnia and Herzegovina, who should propose solutions that will secure status of constituent peoples and equality of all peoples in BiH, especially Croats as smallest in number people and especially the equality in the Federation of BiH. Croatia preserved integral BiH in the past and it advocates its integrity in the future”, said President Grabar-Kitarovic.