CRO FM Pejcinovic Buric in Mostar: European path is right path of reconciliation

Photo: Presidency of BiH

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Croatia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Marija Pejcinovic Buric paid a visit to Mostar on Monday, where she met BiH Presidency Chairman Dragan Covic.

Pejcinovic Buric told reporters during the visit that amending of Election Law of BiH is the most important and priority issue. She assessed that the possibility of legitimate representation is key to existence of Croats in BiH, noting that the Constitution of BiH itself stipulates this possibility. “It lies in roots that founded constitutionality in the Dayton Peace Accords (DPA) and we believe that these basic settings should be revived”, Pejcinovic Buric stressed.

Photo: FENA

She welcomed the recent message conveyed by European representatives from Brussels, who stressed that the first important task before BiH institutions is to amend the Election Law of BiH, noting that this will make possible for Croats to legitimately elect their representatives in the upcoming general elections in October. She also stated she had great expectations from the BiH-Serbia-Croatia trilateral meeting, taking place in Mostar today, especially when it comes to the EU path of BiH and Serbia. “We believe that the EU path is a true path of reconciliation and building of a new joint good future for all three countries”, Pejcinovic Buric concluded.

CRO FM underlined that the idea of Tuesday's meeting is to see how one can work to the benefit of all three countries in the context of the future. "I believe that there are many things, primarily the European path of BiH and European path of Serbia, which Croatia has experience in and wants to help with. That European path is actually a transformative path for all of us who unfortunately went through wars on these territories in the past, and we believe that the European path is the right path of reconciliation and building of a new, joint and good future for all three countries," Pejcinovic Buric underlined.

Covic reiterated during the meeting that changes to the Law on Elections of BiH need to guarantee the institutional equality of Croats, and make sure that Croats will be able to elect their own legitimate political representatives.