BiH nationals allowed to enter Macedonia with their ID cards

Photo: Twitter/Vijece ministara

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Chairman of the Council of Ministers (CoM) of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdic and Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Zoran Zaev met on Monday in Skopje to discuss the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries. 

The two officials talked about cooperation in the process of European integration, economic relations and the ways to boost trade between BiH and Macedonia, as well as about current regional issues and processes.

Zvizdic and Zaev reminded that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia had signed more than 50 bilateral and ten multilateral agreements, but concluded that there was a room to improve the economic cooperation. Therefore, the focus in the upcoming period should be on strengthening ties between business communities.

Photo: Twitter/Vijeceministara

Chairman Zvizdic welcomed the idea to establish Business Club ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina-Macedonia’, and expressed Council of Ministers’ support to business forums and meetings of entrepreneurs from the two countries.

The BiH CoM Chairman underlined that both BiH and Macedonia aspired to become the member countries of the EU and NATO, and were committed to working on reforms aimed at enhancing economic development and improving the citizens’ standard of living.

Zvizdic and Zaev noted that BiH and Macedonia actively participated in regional initiatives, and shared interest in better infrastructure connectivity in the region and acceleration of the EU path, with the ultimate goal of creating stable environment for enhanced economic growth and the prosperity of the region.

Photo: Twitter/Vijeceministara

Statement issued by the Council of Ministers of BiH reads that Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak and his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Dimitrov signed the agreement on conditions for travelling among the two countries, according to which the citizens of BiH will be able to enter Macedonia with their ID card.

Furthermore, Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH Adil Osmanovic and Macedonian Minister of Education and Science Renata Deskoska signed the Protocol on cooperation, with the goal of improving the cooperation in the field of education between the two countries.