Ambassador Hagelberg: Politicians in BiH have to demonstrate dedication to implementation of Reform Agenda

Photo: Facebook

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Swedish Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Anders Hagelberg met with representatives of media on Tuesday and spoke about the Swedish presence in BiH, as well as about projects Sweden supports in the country. 

Hagelberg said that “Sweden is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to contribute to support to citizens and the state on their way to the European Union (EU)”.

The focus was placed on the rule of law, gender equality and environmental protection, but the engagement of Sweden is also present in many other sectors, such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, local administration, tax administration and civil society”, said Hagelberg.

Swedish Ambassador noted that the assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 would amount to BAM 35 million and added that Sweden would continue providing support to the country.

However, Hagelberg underlined that local politicians would have to demonstrate dedication to implementation of the rule of law, the Reform Agenda, the EU integration processes and the reform of electoral legislation.

One can say that the support of Sweden is conditioned with results and political progress in BiH”, he said.

At the political level, Sweden is the main promoter of the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina expect their representatives to obtain membership and this is exactly why political leaders in BiH need to respond through a brave and hard work in the field of the rule of law and the Reform Agenda”, said Hagelberg.

He warned that Sweden and the international community were no longer able to resolve internal political problems in BiH, but were willing to continue providing support to political leaders in order to achieve progress.