Ambassador Hagelberg: BiH politicians must solve problems and international community will gladly help them in that

Photo: Twitter/Sweden in BiH

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Ambassador of Sweden in BiH Anders Hagelberg stated in a brief interview for Wednesday issue of Dnevni avaz that Sweden has invested BAM one billion in BiH since the end of the war, and that this was a targeted support of one country to another.

He further noted that Sweden earmarks one percent of its GDP for assistance to development of countries in the world. “We earmarked BAM 35 million for BiH for this year and we think of ourselves as one of the leading bilateral donors. We invest in three priority sectors in BiH – the rule of law, economic development and environment”, he stressed, mentioning the examples of Sweden’s investments in companies in Novi Travnik, Mostar and Sarajevo. Hagelberg also stressed that BiH diaspora in Sweden takes part of the credit for investments in BiH and that they proved to be capable and successful workers.

He believes that socio-economic issues are crucial in BiH, and that he primarily refers here to employment and economic development as well as to more quality services in healthcare sector. “This may slow down and even stop departure of young people from this country, which is becoming a bigger and bigger problem”, he stressed.

Hagelberg also emphasized that politicians in BiH must solve problems and that the international community will gladly help them in that. He resolutely dismissed a possibility of imposing of any solutions. “Something like that would mean a step backwards. We need domestic solutions, which will show that this country is capable of solving the problems on grounds of consensus and through compromise”, he concluded.