NATO Deputy Spokesperson Cazalet: We respect every nation’s right to choose their political and security arrangements


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In an interview for Vecernji list daily, Head of Press and Media and Deputy Spokesperson at NATO Piers Cazalet said that NATO wanted dialogue and did not look for conflict with Russia. 

But we cannot ignore the fact that Russia is violating international rules”, said Cazalet, reminding that Russia has used military force over the past several years to change the borders in Europe.

The allies do not and will not recognize Russian illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea”, he underlined.

Asked to comment on situation in Kosovo, and whether NATO would intervene if Serbia launches military operation against Albanians in Kosovo, Cazalet said that KFOR continued to guarantee security and safe environment, as well as freedom of movement for everyone in Kosovo, in line with the UN mandate.

“Any decision on future moves of KFOR will be made by the North-Atlantic Council, depending on situation in the field (…) We remain fully committed to stability and security of the Western Balkans”, said Cazalet.

Deputy Spokesperson at NATO underlined that NATO support Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the entire region.

“Any kind of outside interference into local democratic processes is unacceptable. It could include hacking, misinformation and other destabilizing activities. We respect every nation’s sovereign right to choose their political and security arrangements. We call on Russia to do the same (…)”, said Cazalet.