Swedish Ambassador Hagelberg: Environment is in Sweden’s focus, I am satisfied with majority of projects we have initiated in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: Twitter/Sweden in BiH

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Swedish Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Anders Hagelberg told Sarajevo-based daily Oslobodjenje that Sweden had been financially supporting BiH for years, with the focus on country’s efforts to become an EU Member State. 

“Environment is one of the very important sectors in the focus of Sweden - both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region”, said Hagelberg.

He reminded of the project of construction of wastewater collector in Mostar, worth several million USD. “When it comes to this collector, the World Bank believes, and I have no doubts about it either, that the money has been used. I can see the facility with my own eyes”, said Hagelberg, adding that representatives of the World Bank and the Swedish Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be satisfied until the facility is up and running.  

The Swedish Ambassador underlined that he did not have information about possible irregularities related to the project of construction of wastewater collector in Mostar.

It is important to speak in general about all examples and projects. I am satisfied with the majority of projects we have initiated here”, said Hagelberg. As an example, he mentioned energy efficiency project, which Sweden financially supported with EUR 11 million through grants allocated by the UN Development Program.  

I have visited so many schools and kindergartens, so many public institutions in which employees and students will be able to reside and work while using much less energy. When it comes to public institutions, those in Bosnia and Herzegovina are using three times more energy than an average building in the EU. But, through this project, we have the possibility to reduce spending of energy for the benefit of both budget and environment”, explained Hagelberg.

“It is in our interest to see Bosnia and Herzegovina have an appropriate environment and fulfill obligations that will allow the country to finally integrate in the EU - the sooner, the better”, concluded Swedish Ambassador.  

Photo exhibition #letstalkaboutair was opened on Wednesday in the premises of the Swedish Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main goal of this photo exhibition is to raise awareness about the problem of air pollution in the country. Exhibited photos were taken by citizens who participated in the Facebook campaign #letstalkaboutair (#pricajmoozraku), thus contributing to resolving this problem.

letstalkaboutair 1

letstalkaboutair 3

letstalkaboutair 4

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