Restaurant Kibe Mahala

Finest Bosnian national cuisine Located on a hillside of Sarajevo, just a few minutes' drive from the city centre, Kibe Mahala offers a breathtaking panoramic view on the city and the surrounding...

Restaurant Vinoteka

Restaurant Vinoteka is one of the well known restaurants in Sarajevo. Whatever you choose, our expert staff will warmly receive you with a smile and see to your every need.

Hedona Wine Club

Hedona is established by Arman Galicic in December 2011. He has built up a wealth of knowledge on the wines of the former Yugoslavia region and uses Hedona as a way to showcase these wines, carefully...

The Libertas restaurant, located in the very heart of Sarajevo, is the city’s original temple of Mediterranean seafood, which has been attracting seafood enthusiasts for many years, all the while...

Restaurant Lovac

Even though it is located in the heart of the city, it is still hidden from the city crowds, and it is also a delightful garden with beautiful greenery and surroundings.

Pod lipom

At the heart of the Baš-čaršija, in Prote Bakovića street, in the area of today's restaurant "Under the Linden Tree", with the support of the Society for the care of children "Gavrilo Princip" was...
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