‘The World that Disappears’ exhibition to be set up in National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: Pulse.ba

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Back in December, the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina launched an opinion poll on its official Facebook page, calling on the visitors to say which exhibition they wanted to see in the Museum in 2018. 

The visitors had the opportunity to choose between two exhibitions - ‘Fear of Animals’ (‘Strah od zivotinja’) and ‘The World that Disappears’ (‘Svijet koji nestaje’).

‘The World that Disappears’ won with a total of 373 votes, ‘Fear of Animals’ came in second place with 277 votes.

Both exhibitions are aimed at raising awareness of preservation and protection of environment. Both exhibitions will take you into the magical world of nature and show you the living specimens of selected species in terrariums”, reads the statement published on National Museum’s Facebook page.     

National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is yet to announce the exact date when the exhibition will be opened.