Harmonization of roaming prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina put on hold


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Director General of the Communications Regulatory Agency of BiH Predrag Kovac confirmed on Wednesday that the process of harmonization of roaming prices for customers in BiH with prices for customers in Europe had not been completed yet. 

Therefore, new price packages will not be introduced as of July 1, despite the announcements.

Communications Regulatory Agency and Bosnia and Herzegovina have to take into account the fact that these are big investments, and we should not make decisions that would be detrimental only to our own telecom operators”, said Kovac.

As for introduction of the 4G mobile technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kovac said that the Communications Regulatory Agency had prepared a proposal of decision on introduction of the 4G network, and submitted it to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of BiH.

However, according to available information, the entity ministries are yet to provide their opinion about the issue.