Water supply cuts and power outages in Sarajevo: January 16

Photo: Facebook

Local Info
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Repairs and maintenance of water supply network in Sarajevo will result in a number of areas experiencing water disconnection during certain hours on Wednesday, January 16, as detailed below: 

Milinkladska, Branislava Nusica, Kodzina, Dejzina Bikica, Camila Marica, Paljevska, Bjelugovicka, Mustafe Behmena, Zmaja od Bosne, Franca Lehara, Ive Andrica, Muhidina Comage, Bentbasa, Nadmlini, Kromolj, Patriotske Lige, Ramica Banja, Safvet-bega Basagica.

Regular water supply is expected to be restored in the afternoon, upon completion of maintenance works.

No power outages are expected on Wednesday.