‘GRAS’ changes timetable of bus line from Mount Bjelasnica to Sarajevo

Photo: Ski Center Bjelasnica-Igman/Facebook

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City public transportation company ‘GRAS’ has changed the timetable of buses transporting passengers from the Mount Bjelasnica to Sarajevo. 

Buses will be departing every Saturday and Sunday from the bus stop in front of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina at 0900 hrs, and from Ilidza at 0920 hrs.

However, return from the Mount Bjelasnica is now rescheduled from 1530 to 1630 hrs, to reflect the longer daylight in the spring time.

One-way ticket price for adults is BAM 4.30 and return ticket is BAM 7.40.

One-way ticket for children is BAM 3.20 and return ticket is BAM 5.30.