European Movement in BiH hands out rewards for contribution to European integration and international promotion of BiH

Photo: OHR

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European Movement in BiH organized the Third Business Forum in Sarajevo on Monday, hosting prominent guests form BiH, the Balkans, Europe and Asia.

Photo: FENA

European Movement in BiH President Predrag Prastalo told media that the event consists of three panel discussion, with the first one discussing the European agenda and business environment in BiH, the second one dealing with role and engagement of women, and the third panel discussion hosting representatives of eight embassies in BiH.

"We will discuss about whether the region of the Balkans, BiH are at a crossroads which will decide future path of BiH...", Prastalo said, adding that the European Movement in BiH would like to be initiator of creating positive environment for civilized and cultural dialogue in BiH.

European Movement in BiH also rewarded extuinguished individuals and groups for their cotnribution to European integration and international promotion of BiH.

Photo: FENA

Addressing the conference, High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko said that the line between Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European perspective, on the one hand, and the chains of nationalism and history, on the other, may be thin – but "unfortunately, it has shown itself to be a major obstacle to sustained progress".

He also emphasized that there is a disconnect between the people and many of the leaders, but not all of them.

"This is important. I have been High Representative for long enough to recognize that profound changes are taking place – inside the political parties and in many of the institutions. This, too, is something that has happened in other transition countries. I have encountered many individuals and groups at the state level, the entity level and the municipal level who have grasped the essence of a different and a better future for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the mayors of this country there are tough and competent political operators who are committed to building bridges not walls; who are prepared to confront past divisions and overcome them; who understand that inclusiveness is a sign of strength, not weakness", stressed Inzko.

Photo: OHR

He also put emphasis on the upcoming EU Presidency of Bulgaria and Romania in 2018, noting that these are two very powerful countries that have executed a remarkable transition during two decades.

"They have done that because their political leaders by and large heeded the will of a majority of their citizens to choose a future that was very different from – and considerably better than – the past. The EU integration agenda is a blueprint for delivering benefits to citizens, and the International Community in BiH is providing continuous financial and political assistance to implement this blueprint – but there has to be a corresponding commitment on the part of party leaders – and till now that commitment has been partial and uncertain", Inzko concluded.