‘The Balkan Route’ and ‘People of Sarajevo’ exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina History Museum

Photo: FENA

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Two exhibitions of photographs, ‘The Balkan Route’ by Marko Djurica and ‘People of Sarajevo’ by Imrana Kapetanovic, were opened at the Bosnia and Herzegovina History Museum on Tuesday. 

‘The Balkan Route’ is an exhibition of 44 photographs depicting daily struggles of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers from the Middle East on their way to a better life.

‘People of Sarajevo’ tells stories about the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, and is based on Brandon Stanton’s project ‘Humans of New York’.

Both exhibitions have been created with the support of ‘Civil Rights Defenders’, an international non-governmental organization based in Stockholm, Sweden, which focuses on defending people’s civil and political rights.