Cycling event ‘Giro di Sarajevo 2018’ scheduled for September 2

Photo: Facebook/Giro di Sarajevo

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The 11th annual cycling event ‘Giro di Sarajevo’ is set to take place in Sarajevo on Sunday, September 2, from 1400 to 1700 hours. 

This event involves a bike tour of cycling enthusiasts through the main streets of Sarajevo, with primary school ‘Skender Kulenovic’ in Dobrinja as the starting point of the route.

Streets on the route will be temporarily closed for regular vehicle traffic until the bike tour is complete.

The event is organized by the Citizens’ Association for Promotion of Urban Biking ‘Giro di Sarajevo’, with the aim to make the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina a cycling-friendly place, particularly by pointing to the need to provide cyclists with urban bike lanes and with the right to an equal, active participation in traffic.

Giro di Sarajevo 2