Hungary’s Orbán: Balkan conference in May will be opportunity for EU to give clarity about accession of Serbia and Montenegro

EPA-EFE/Borislav Troshev

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes that Bulgarian Presidency of the EU is facing a historic task, because the EU has an opportunity to take resolute steps towards the integration of the region of Balkans. 

During the meeting with his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borisov in Sofia on Monday, Orbán said that it was a good decision to hold a Balkan conference in Bulgaria in May.

According to Orbán, the conference will be an opportunity for the EU to make the final decision about the enlargement, and give clarity about the accession of Serbia and Montenegro.

EPA-EFE/Borislav Troshev

Hungarian PM also underlined his hopes that Serbia and Montenegro would be given a date this year for joining the European Union.

Orbán said that political integration of the Balkans into the EU would not be enough, as the region also needed to be connected to the Union.

“If there are no railroads, fast trains, roads or highways, then political declaration will not connect the Balkan countries with the ‘economic part of the EU’”, Orban said. “And that is what we all need”, he concluded.