Aleksandar Vucic declares victory in Belgrade local elections

Photo: Twitter

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President of Serbia and Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader Aleksandar Vucic said his electoral list 'Aleksandar Vucic - Because we love Belgrade' won 45 percent of the votes in Sunday's local elections in Belgrade, Tanjug news agency reported.

The list gathered around Vucic's party won 64 of 110 mandates and will independently form authority in the capital city of Serbia. President of City Election Commission Zoran Lukic said Sunday evening that election day passed in peace, and no major breach of regulations was registered.

According to 'Ipsos' agency, based on 93.4 percent of counted votes, only four of 24 lists passed the threshold. The election winner was followed by 'Dragan Djilas - Belgrade decides, people win' with 18.8 percent of votes, then Electoral List of Aleksandar Sapic with 9.3 percent of votes, and 'Ivica Dacic - SPS, Dragan Markovic Palma - JS' with 5.6 percent of votes.

Vucic stated Sunday evening that this was the best election result ever, adding that the name of new City Mayor of Belgrade will be known in some 50 days. Although SNS could form authorities alone, Vucic said he had nothing against SPS joining the authorities as well.