Trump ready to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May, White House officials confirmed


The Globe
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U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May, the South Korean national security adviser announced at the White House. 

Trump has reportedly agreed to meet with North Korean leader, setting the scene for - according to CNN - “an unprecedented encounter between two nations that only recently threatened to wipe each other out”.

South Korea’s national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, who delivered the invitation to Trump after visiting Pyongyang earlier this week, said that Kim had offered to put North Korea’s nuclear and missile program on the table.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said that Trump “will accept the invitation to meet with Kim Jong Un at a place and time to be determined”. “We look forward to the denuclearization of North Korea. In the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain”, said Sanders.

Kim Jong-un welcomes members of the South Korean delegation in Pyongyang on March 5, 2018 [Photo: EPA-EFE/KCNA]

CNN assessed Trump’s decision as “a remarkable breakthrough”. “It brings the North Korean regime close to its long-desired aim of recognition on the international stage, and offers Trump the tantalizing prospect of a historic diplomatic victory”, CNN reported.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in described the announcement as ‘historic’: “This is an almost miraculous event; my administration will prepare toward the May meeting with utmost diligence”, Moon said.

Russia, China, Japan and Australia welcomed the announcement, but Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop warned that “North Korea has a history of making agreements and then failing to honor them”.