Mostar on Bloomberg’s list of five under-the-radar destinations in Balkans


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Luxury Travel section of the compiled the list of five under-the-radar destinations in the Balkans to consider this summer. 

Authors of the article, Trey Sarten and Martin Bryan, reminded that Dubrovnik - both Croatia’s and the region’s most visited city - has become so swarmed with summer sightseers, that it is considering tourism restrictions.

In the neighboring Balkans, the opposite is true: the same, untapped natural beauty, a fascinating mélange of cultures, but few crowds. And despite the region’s complicated war-torn history, the U.S. Department of State now considers the Balkan states safer than much of Western Europe”, authors explained.

The article titled ‘Forget Croatia: Why You Need to Visit the ‘Real’ Balkans’ mentioned Lake Bled in Slovenia as the best destination for families; Durmitor National Park in Montenegro as the best destination for road trippers; Accursed Mountains in Albania as the best destination for hikers; Sofia in Bulgaria as the best destination for urbanites; and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the best destination for ‘culture vultures’.

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The historic city of Mostar, an hour or two’s drive inland from the Dalmatian Coast, is emerging as the region’s cultural capital. Today, it’s a place where 16th century and 17th century mosques and contemporary street art go hand in hand”, reads the article.

The recently-rebuilt Stari Most, an important example of 16th century Islamic architecture whose name translates to ‘old bridge’, is picturesque enough to single-handedly put this city on the map: Its arched point casts a mirror-like reflection into the green waters of the Neretva River. It serves as a beacon of the city’s recovery - unlike some buildings that still have bullet holes to serve as lasting reminders of the ravages of war”, authors conclude.