Four million tourists visited “Pannonica” since 2003

"Pannonica" resort (Photo: Facebook)

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The 15th anniversary of the opening of the first salt lake in Tuzla – now part of the “Pannonica” resort – was marked on Wednesday.

The first lake was opened on 18 July 2003, followed by the second one in 2009. The third lake was added in 2012. Originally an abandoned mining area, the resort now boasts three salt lakes with beaches, bars and restaurants, a salted waterfall, an archeological park, and a fitness centre.

The opening of salt lakes, a unique feature especially for an urban environment, marked the turning point in the development of Tuzla as a regional centre for tourism.

“Pannonica’s” CEO Maid Porobic stated that this resort has turned Tuzla into a proper tourist destination during summer months, completely changing the image of this industrial town.

Almost four million people visited the lakes in the past 15 years. The number of visitors last year was 400,000, including 12% of tourists coming from abroad. The lakes have so far made 19 million KM, and employ 170 people during the summer months.

The Mayor of Tuzla Jasmin Imamovic stressed that the city’s “crowning achievement” was an award by the UN World Tourism Association, “never received by anyone in the former Yugoslavia but Tuzla.”

The next major event at the salt lakes will be the evening half-marathon which will take place on Saturday, 21 July.