Sarajevo connected with south by train again

Photo: FENA

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One year after the railway line was closed for reconstruction, Sarajevo is now connected to south of the country by train again. The FBiH Railways have relaunched Sarajevo-Capljina line, with further bus connections to Croatian and BiH coast.

Regular Capljina-Sarajevo Capljina train departs every morning from Capljina at 05:52 hrs, arriving in Sarajevo at 08:32 hrs. Departure from Sarajevo is at 16:26 hrs, arriving in Capljina at 19:00 hrs. Seasonal Sarajevo train to Capljina, with bus connections to Neum and Makarska, will be operating from June 15th to August 31st. It departs from Sarajevo at 07:01 hrs and arrives in Capljina at 09:35 hr. Train back to Sarajevo departs at 19:25 hrs and arrives at 21:59 hrs. The railway line is back in style with modern, comfortable, speed Talgo passenger trains.