Exhibition of illustrations from the book ‘#ZeneBiH’

Exhibition of illustrations from the book ‘#ZeneBiH’ was opened on Friday, March 8, in the National Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The book was illustrated by 50 women illustrators, designers, and artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exhibition will be available for viewing until March 23, 2019, every day from 1000 to 2000 hrs.

The book ‘#ZeneBiH’ is an artistic, activist and research initiative that is comprised of biographies of over 50 women from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have broken stereotypes and advocated women’s rights and emancipation.

This is a book about first female artists, writers, poets, social workers, national heroines, directors, scientists, musicians, doctors, activists, professors, and other exceptional women from Bosnia and Herzegovina who inspired the authors of the book to explore their lives and in this way make their contributions to society more visible.

The ‘#ZeneBiH’ initiative begun in March 2018 with a goal to mark Women’s History Month, to contribute to the visibility of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to encourage similar educational initiatives.

This book celebrates women who decided to pursue education even when women were not allowed to do so, who were (and are) ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina art and culture in the world, the women who promoted women’s rights at a time when they did not even exist, women who gave their lives in the fight against fascism, women who have achieved worldwide fame in their respective fields of work, and those who were or are one of the greatest treasures of BiH.

This exhibition is organized with the assistance and partnership of the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.