EU enlargement

Austrian Ambassador Hartmann: Enlargement of EU is not over
Austria’s former Vice Chancellor Busek: EU needs to change its strategy in the Western Balkans
CEI foreign affairs ministers discuss organization’s common vision for the future
Commissioner Hahn: Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have to move from words to actions
Commissioner Hahn: EU integration process is not about pleasing officials in Brussels, but about improving lives of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Council of the EU adopts conclusions on BiH, welcomes continued presence of Operation EUFOR Althea
Croatian MEP Picula: Ethnic political elites do not want to undo the Gordian Knot in Bosnia
EU HR Mogherini: Opening of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania important for entire region
EU programs presented in four cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina
EU should lower the bar for membership in Union - U.S. Department of Defense report
European Commission identifies key priorities for Bosnia to fulfil in order to be recommended for opening of EU accession negotiations
EUSR Sattler: Divisive rhetoric and empty talk are not good for Bosnia
EUSR Wigemark: Transformation needed for BiH to join EU requires political will and genuine commitment from all segments of society
First public debate within ‘Take Initiative’ project discusses challenges and opportunities offered by EU accession process
French Ambassador Rousson: France continues efforts to stabilize Western Balkans
German Ambassador Hohmann: It is high time for politicians to start delivering on their promises
German Ambassador Uebber: EU enlargement process must continue
Media: North Macedonia to get closer to EU, other Western Balkan countries to be put on hold
Mogherini: EU has a clear interest in bringing the entire Balkans inside the Union
Poznań Summit coordinator Tarka: EU incomplete without Western Balkans