2019 economic slowdown in Bosnia might have bottomed out towards end of year - European Commission’s report
Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 83rd in 2019 Index of Economic Freedom
Bosnia’s GDP growth to fall to -5.0 percent in 2020 - IMF projection
Bosnia’s GDP to contract by 4.5% in 2020, six-percent growth expected in 2021: EBRD report
European Commission’s report: Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina expanded by 3.4 percent
GDP growth decelerates, Bosnia faces continuous decline in registered labor force - European Commission’s report
Growth rates will mostly trend lower in Central, East and Southeast Europe in 2019-2021 - WIIW report
IMF lowers Bosnia's 2019 economic growth forecast to 3.1%
IMF lowers Bosnia’s 2019 economic growth forecast to 2.8%
Real wages rose by three percent year-on-year, but youth unemployment remains high in Bosnia and Herzegovina - European Commission’s report
Standard & Poor’s affirms Bosnia’s ‘B’ credit rating with positive outlook
Standard & Poor’s leaves Bosnia’s credit rating unchanged, outlook revised from positive to stable
Unemployment rate places Bosnia among most miserable countries in the world
Vienna-based institute: Western Balkan countries’ economic growth to be heavily affected by fallout from the coronavirus
Western Balkan economies to grow, but outlook remains vulnerable to risks - World Bank report
World Bank forecasts 3.4 percent economic growth for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019
World Bank forecasts 3.4 percent economic growth for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020
World Bank retains growth forecast for Bosnia and Herzegovina at 3.4 percent
World Bank: 55 percent of emigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina are high-skilled workers
Youth unemployment has fallen, but less than half of working-age population in Western Balkans has job - World Bank report