human rights

Ambassador Nelson: Pride March participants can be proud of their courage
Amnesty International: Migrants are being beaten and robbed by Croatian police and forcibly pushed back to Bosnia and Herzegovina
CoE’s Mijatovic warns about decline in human rights: It is as if we have not learned anything from the past
DW: Croatia’s President admitted that Croatian police were forcing migrants back over the border with Bosnia
Embassies, EUD, UN: BiH has proven itself to be an open society, now it is time to pass legislation in line with international standards
EU calls on authorities to help ensure Pride March in Sarajevo takes place in dignity and peace
EU to financially support Bosnia’s efforts to deal with migrant crisis
European Commission identifies key priorities for Bosnia to fulfil in order to be recommended for opening of EU accession negotiations
FCO’s Page: UK to help find 12,000 people still listed as missing in Western Balkans
High Representative Inzko: Discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina has to end
HR Inzko: Bosnia and Herzegovina is glaring example of paralyzed state, everything is under political parties’ control
HRW calls on Croatia to put an end to unlawful pushbacks and violence against migrants
HRW World Report 2019: Bosnia and Herzegovina made limited progress towards addressing long-standing human rights problems
Media: International community about to invest ‘serious efforts’ into improving situation and making significant progress in Western Balkans, Bosnia
Messages of love, peace and tolerance sent from Bosnia’s first pride march
National minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not enjoy effective access to their rights, says CoE’s expert report
Sarajevo hosts Bosnia’s first pride march on Sunday
Sarajevo Open Centre and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organize discussion ‘Working-class Women - Then and Now’
Sarajevo police asks for other agencies’ assistance during Pride Parade
Sarajevo Pride Parade route announced