Johann Sattler

COMEUFOR and EUSR host New Year’s reception at Camp Butmir
EU appoints Austria’s Sattler as the new Special Representative in BiH
EU officials: Authorities in BiH should undertake genuine efforts to address reconciliation and overcome the legacy of the past
EU provides two million euro for urgent medical needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
EU to provide medical equipment and help Bosnia mitigate the COVID-19 impact on economy
EU, European Investment Bank support construction of twin-tunnel on Corridor Vc highway
European Union to co-finance construction of one of the most challenging sections on Corridor Vc in Bosnia and Herzegovina
EUSR Sattler: Accomplishing what was previously thought to be unattainable is what true leaders do
EUSR Sattler: Bosnia and Herzegovina can mobilize resources and technical capacities to speed up works on Corridor Vc
EUSR Sattler: Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the black hole of Europe
EUSR Sattler: Divisive rhetoric and empty talk are not good for Bosnia
EUSR Sattler: EU is not complete without Bosnia and the entire region
EUSR Sattler: EU is preparing various forms of assistance
EUSR Sattler: EU’s enlargement policy will not be abandoned
EUSR Sattler: PISA test scores should be a call for action
EUSR Sattler: We are not colonial power, my authority derives from Bosnia’s wish to become an EU Member State
Media: Austrian diplomat Johann Sattler to replace EUSR Wigemark
Mogherini confirms nomination of Austria’s Sattler for new EUSR
Outgoing EUSR Wigemark: Snap elections might be the solution in Bosnia
Twinning project: EU provided €2 million to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in fight against money laundering