Matthew Field

Ambassador Field: A woman’s place is in the house… of Parliament
Ambassador Field: Bosnia is being held back by failures of country’s leaders
Ambassador Field: Bosnian humor in an unacceptable situation
Ambassador Field: Brexit does not mean less of us and our support, quite the opposite
Ambassador Field: Fight against COVID-19 is a fight in which we can all be heroes - by staying at home
Ambassador Field: Major sporting moments can bring people together, and change the way country is seen by the rest of the world
Ambassador Field: Many CSOs are doing excellent job in Bosnia and Herzegovina, helping country to become a better place for all
Ambassador Field: Mostar deserves better
Ambassador Field: UK visa policy towards Western Balkans not likely to change any time soon
Ambassador Field: We want to help build country in which everyone has opportunities to stay and succeed
Ambassadors: Climate change is threatening our future, greater effort is required from all of us
First public debate within ‘Take Initiative’ project discusses challenges and opportunities offered by EU accession process
NATO-EU conference in Sarajevo: Women are still underrepresented in both politics and public life in Bosnia and Herzegovina
OHR: New Council of Ministers should immediately take steps to move country forward in line with commitments and proclaimed goals
UK Ambassador Field: BiH citizens do not need a new Reform Agenda, they need reforms
UK Ambassador Field: We are refining our efforts to focus on where we can make the most difference to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina