EUD, OHR and U.S. Embassy urge authorities to complete process of formation of FBiH House of Peoples
HR Inzko addresses UN Security Council, urges international community to deliver on promise for better future for Bosnia and Herzegovina
HR Inzko: Renewed platform for dialogue needed in Bosnia and Herzegovina to help the country move forward
International officials: Prevention of corruption should be an integral part of Bosnia’s fight against COVID-19
Inzko in Salzburg: Focus should be on forward-looking agendas, Bosnia risks remaining stuck in the past
Media: International community about to invest ‘serious efforts’ into improving situation and making significant progress in Western Balkans, Bosnia
OHR calls on citizens to comply with measures against coronavirus
OHR: New Council of Ministers should immediately take steps to move country forward in line with commitments and proclaimed goals
PIC Steering Board Ambassadors: RSNA conclusions are based on erroneous interpretation of Dayton Accords
PIC Steering Board calls for acceleration of the pace of reforms
PIC Steering Board: Early and divisive election campaign stalled progress on socio-economic reforms, and poisoned political atmosphere in BiH
PIC Steering Board: Initiative to challenge the name of one entity is counterproductive and irresponsible - but so are actions that question country’s sovereignty and reject ICTY decisions
PIC Steering Board: Steps to create reserve police forces have resulted in a negative spiral of distrust in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Russian Ambassador Ivantsov: Intensified efforts to push BiH into NATO represent interference with country’s internal matters and violation of Dayton principles