‘We Are One: A Global Film Festival’ announces lineup
24 cases of COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina; mandatory 14-day isolation for all citizens arriving from foreign countries
25th case of COVID-19 confirmed in Bosnia as entity governments declare state of emergency
26 coronavirus-related fatalities in BiH, more than 650 persons infected
27 new cases of coronavirus infection confirmed in Banja Luka, first case registered in Bosanski Novi
45 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A number of towns across Bosnia and Herzegovina report their first cases of coronavirus infection
Airports closed for passenger traffic as number of coronavirus cases continues to grow
Almost 100 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Almost five million people infected with coronavirus worldwide
Ambassador Field: Fight against COVID-19 is a fight in which we can all be heroes - by staying at home
Annual economic policy dialogue: Bosnia invited to take a number of measures to alleviate consequences of coronavirus crisis
Authorities call on citizens to comply with isolation rules as number of coronavirus infections rises
Authorities in Banja Luka announce more aggressive fight against coronavirus through mass testing
Bosnia and Herzegovina registers 64 new coronavirus cases
Bosnia joins countries with 1,000+ confirmed coronavirus cases
Bosnia maintains linear growth in the number of new coronavirus infections
Bosnia ranks 70th on the list of most resilient economies
Bosnia’s death toll from COVID-19 closes in on 100
Bosnia’s GDP growth to fall to -5.0 percent in 2020 - IMF projection