The ceremony marking the Day of Sarajevo, city’s 1945 liberation during World War II and the start in 1992 of the Bosnian Serb siege that killed more than 11,000 people, including 1,600 children, was held in the City Hall, and the award was presented by Mayor Abdulah Skaka.

The arrival of Mr. Dickinson in Sarajevo in 1994 was one of those moments that made us in Sarajevo realize that we will survive, that the city of Sarajevo will survive, that Bosnia-Herzegovina will survive,” said Skaka.

Dickinson said that he was honoured by the award: “In a world where things only last for about five seconds on social media ... people are still remembering it. That’s really quite something. This is a brilliant day, a lovely day and it’s great to be back.”

Dickinson was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Sarajevo for his legendary performance in the besieged Sarajevo on December 14, 1994. His visit to Sarajevo and concert in Bosnian Cultural Center were documented in the documentary feature ‘Scream for me Sarajevo’, which premiered at the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival in 2016.

The movie, written by Jasenko Pasic, directed by Tarik Hodzic and produced by Prime Time Productions, has won a number of awards so far.