The exhibition features the works of women artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the entire world. The artists featured in this exhibition are Sunita Fisic, Ale Senso, Natasa Konjevic, Ljiljana Galusic, Zdenka Domacinovic, Anja Maricic, Antonija Tolic, Irma Garibovic, Keni Anders, Katarina Stojcevic, Florencia Perlini, Natalija Domacinovic Ferina, Vildana Hrnjic, and Julie Ribera.

Our goal is to strengthen the multicultural art platform that focuses on the questioning of artistic ideas and freedoms, mutual support of women from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and abroad, and to plan future cooperation”, said Marina Djapic, one of the organizers of the festival.

WomEmpower exhibition 3

The organizers of the festival visited Berlin for an art exchange and discussed their experiences regarding activism of young women. They concluded that the situation in Berlin and in Mostar cannot be compared.

The goal of the ‘WomEmpower’ Festival, which evolved from the Street Arts Festival in Mostar, was to answer several questions regarding the position of women in BiH society, such as: ‘What do women lack on the path of emancipation?’ ‘Are we still living in a patriarchal society?’ ‘What is the path towards strengthening?’

WomEmpower exhibition 4

The art colony was only one of the activities during the festival. Women explored different themes of womanhood and the relations towards women in modern society.

The ‘WomEmpower’ exhibition will be open for public in Sarajevo until December 15.