During the month of November, the third edition of ‘Museum Month’ will be held in the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. 

The month of November was chosen since the museum was opened in November 1945.

This year’s program is dedicated to the improvement of museum practice, cultural and historical heritage and raising awareness of the importance of museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The History Museum will be hosting various exhibitions and offer presentations of exhibitions guided by custodians.

A special emphasis during the ‘Museum Month’ will be put on the fact that the Project of Conservation and Restauration of the History Museum received a grant by the Getty Foundation. This project, along with nine other projects, was supported by the Getty program ‘Keeping it Modern’ for 2018. Due to importance of this project in the process of restauration of the museum building, this year’s ‘Museum Month’ will be held under the motto ‘Keep it modern’.

Every Monday during November the audience will have the possibility to see all exhibitions in the History Museum for free between 1400 and 1600 hrs.

Thursdays will be reserved for different workshops every week, while every Wednesday the doors will be open specifically for school visits.

The first exhibition during the ‘Museum Month’ will be ‘Sarajevo Train Without a Timetable’ (‘Sarajevski vlak bez voznog reda’) on Thursday, November 8. The author of the exhibition is Djordje Mihovilovic, senior curator at the Jasenovac Memorial Museum. The exhibition presents the horrors of the concentration camp Jasenovac between 1941 and 1945, and it centers the 152 workers of the main railroad workshop who lost their lives in Jasenovac. The title of the exhibition symbolically presents the fates of the persons who were transported by railways during the World War II.

On Tuesday, November 13, the exhibition ‘Between Fascism and Antifascism: 11 Acts’ (‘Izmedju fasizma i antifasizma: u 11 cinova’) will be opened in the Museum of the Second Session of the Antifascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) in Jajce. This exhibition consists of 11 art pieces and photographs from the collection of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Friday, the exhibition ‘Medieval tombstones - an archive story’ (‘Stecci - arhivska prica’) will be opened at the History Museum of BiH in Sarajevo. Documents, photographs, manuscripts and book materials from the Foundation ‘Stecak’ will be presented. The materials for the exhibition were selected by the Director of ‘Stecak’ Foundation Senad Sabovic and the Archive Advisor Sejdalija Gusic.

The exhibition ‘Reconciliations 2’ is the second part of an exhibition that tackles the topic of art and facing past trauma. It will be exhibited in the History Museum of BiH in Sarajevo. The main works presented will be from local artists inspired by the permanent exhibition ‘Sarajevo Under Siege’, but artists from the region and the world will be featured as well.

On Thursday, November 29, the collection about National Heroes that is located in the History Museum of BiH will travel to Banja Luka, into the Museum of Modern Art of the RS. The collection focuses on national heroes after the World War II and the art was collected between 1948 and 1953.

All four workshops hosted in the History Museum of BiH in Sarajevo will focus on one concurring theme in the modern history of Europe and the world. The workshops will serve as a learning tool for elementary and secondary school students about historical events and will feature debates about these events and how they have shaped history.

On November 6, the main theme will be year 1918, marking hundred years since the end of the World War I. On the following Tuesday, November 13, the students will learn about the year 1968 and they will be invited to debate about the problems of today’s youth. The workshop on November 20 is reserved for elementary school students who will have the chance to interpret the exhibits in the museum and learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina. The final workshop on November 27 will focus on 1878, the Berlin Congress and its meaning for the regional history and the history of BiH.

Special events that will be featured during ‘Museum Month’ include two projects and one film screening. Project ‘Voice of the Community’ (‘Glas Zajednice’) will be presented on Thursday, November 15, in the History Museum of BiH. This project is a result of cooperation between the Museum of Vojvodina from Novi Sad, Serbia, and the History Museum of BiH. The goal of the project is to strengthen the relation between society and museum institutions. During this project, two custodians developed a virtual exhibition featuring exhibits from both museums.

The second project is ‘(In)tolerance Thresholds’ (‘Pragovi (ne)tolerancije’) and it will be presented on Saturday, November 17. The project was implemented by the Coalition for the Fight Against Hate ‘Zanemari Razlike’ (‘Ignore the differences’) in cooperation with the OSCE BiH, ‘Super Gradjani/ke’ (‘Super citizens’) and the History Museum of BiH. The project featured students from six universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina researching monuments in the country.

A preview of the film ‘Do you remember Samac-Sarajevo’ (‘Sjecas li se Samac-Sarajeva') will be hosted on Wednesday, November 21. The documentary focuses on the 40-year anniversary of the opening of the second track of the railway Samac-Sarajevo. The author is Alema Kazazic and the documentary was produced by FTV.