Exhibition ‘Bernini’s School and the Roman Baroque, Masterpieces from Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia’ will open in the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina at 1800 hrs on Saturday, June 1.

The exhibition, organized upon initiative of Italian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Nicola Minasi, is conceived as a journey through the world of Italian Baroque. It will feature a number of masterpieces of immeasurable historical, cultural and artistic value, created by some of the greatest representatives of Italian Baroque, including Giovan Lorenzo Bernini, Pietro da Cortona, Giacomo Cortese, called Il Borgognone, and Pier Francesco Mola, also known as Il Ticinese.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini 4

Gian Lorenzo Bernini 2

In addition to 40 paintings, the exhibition will also feature various decorative items and medals designed by Bernini.

Statement issued by the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina reads that “the entire exhibition offers a comprehensive view of this artistic period, created in Rome in the 16th century, which became known for its grand effects, that characterizes the works of its representatives, from art to architecture, from painting to engraving”.

The exhibition will remain open until July 14.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini 3

Bernini’s School and the Roman Baroque banner