Fifth international bicycle downhill race ‘TrebaDH 2019’ will take place on Mount Trebevic near Sarajevo on June 29-30.

Organizers of the race, Association for Promotion of Extreme Sports ‘Savages Crew Sarajevo’, expect up to 100 participants to compete in several categories.

Treba DH 3

The race will be held for the first time according to the Class 1 rules of the International Cycling Union (UCI), as well as under the rules of the Cycling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Results of the ‘TrebaDH 2019’ downhill race will count towards the National Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkan Downhill Cup and the National Cup of Croatia.

Apart from attending the race, guests and visitors will also have an opportunity to visit the ‘Craft & Food’ festival, which supports promotion of local products, food and beverages.

Treba DH poster