The second annual campaign ‘Let’s Run Together for a Child’s Smile’ is set to take place in Sarajevo on September 15, as a part of the festival ‘Olimpija Run Fest’.

This fund-raising run campaign is organized by the Foundation for Support and Development of Mentoring Program ‘Older Brother, Older Sister’, and the Association for Prevention of Addiction ‘NARKO-NE’, with the support of the Association ‘Marathon Sarajevo’.

The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for implementation of the program of social inclusion of children, which promotes healthy childhood and healthy lifestyle along with including youth into volunteering for socially useful work.

Speaking for, representative of the Foundation ‘Older Brother, Older Sister’ Azra Berbic explained that all proceeds would go into enabling implementation of the program of social inclusion of children in the upcoming period. She underlined that 60 runners had taken part in last year’s campaign and helped raise a total of BAM 7,500, thus helping 160 children from seven different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the program.

Elaborating on activities on social inclusion of children within the program, Berbic stated: Older Brother, Older Sister’ is a mentoring program that connects volunteers, in the role of older brother or sister, and children in the role of younger siblings, to develop a quality, caring, and supportive relationship. Children individually socialize with the volunteers, who become their models for acquiring socially acceptable behaviors and represent their support in developing life skills”.

Berbic specified that children and volunteers socialize through a series of activities such as going to the cinema or theater, going out for walks or picnics, bowling, swimming and ice-skating, among other activities. She expressed hope that this year’s run will be successful, with the support of all participants.

The registration form is available here.

In order to take part in the fund-raising campaign, it is necessary to sign up for one of the three races of the ‘Olimpija Run Fest’: Sarajevo Sberbank half marathon, G-Drive relay half marathon, or the Novo Nordisk Fun Run. Races are suitable both for professional athletes and amateur runners. The funds are collected through runners’ sale of kilometers, and minimum price of each kilometer is BAM 10. Payments for kilometers are made directly to the Foundation ‘Older Brother, Older Sister’ via bank account 3387302229533649 operated by the UniCredit Bank.

The ‘Older Brother, Older Sister’ Foundation also invites all interested individuals and companies to contribute to the program by buying kilometers, and it is available for providing any further information via contact e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone number +387 62 959 186.

The program for social inclusion of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina was launched 15 years ago, and it is implemented through cooperation with social welfare centers and institutes for children without parental care. Due to specific life circumstances, protégés of these centers and institutes tend to lack positive role models, so the program helps them in a way that volunteers become the support they need as they are growing up. Volunteers put effort into fostering development of social skills in the context of strengthening the children’s personalities and a responsible attitude towards the society.