The penultimate round of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2019 will take place at Mostar’s famous Old Bridge on August 24. This is the fifth time that world’s best male and female divers will compete at the Old Bridge as part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

Cliff diving is an extreme sport in every meaning of the word. It is exciting, tense and dangerous. Competitors, apart from having perfect technique and physical shape, must possess mental strength, discipline and courage. Men dive from a 27-meter platform, while platform for women is a little lower – 21 meters. Divers spend three seconds during the free fall, during which they execute complex air maneuvers and figures. At the point of entry, divers reach speeds in excess of 85 kph, with the body withstanding 5G impact. If a diver were to fall flat on his/her belly/back, the fall would be comparable to falling on concrete from 13 meters.

UK’s Gary Hunt has most victories among men (38 wins) and is the only diver who has competed in all Red Bull Cliff Diving competitions so far (77). Australian Rhiannan Iffland is the most decorated female diver with 16 victories out of 22 competitions she entered. She debuted four years ago and is a triple champion, on course to lift the fourth title. Similarly, Hunt has seven and could clinch his eighth title in Mostar.