Mladen Solomun a.k.a. DJ Solomun will perform a concert on August 23rd i.e. on the closing night of the Sarajevo Film Festival. The concert will take place on the central city balcony, in Titova Street above the Eternal Flame and this will be Solomun’s fourth performance in Sarajevo.

Organizers from the ‘KlabikaXSolomun’ team stated that project of the innovative team ‘Klabika’ was recognized by the local institution, Tourism Association of Sarajevo Canton. Organizing of such performance, without tickets, in central part of the City, is a way to thank Solomun for everything he did promoting and supporting BiH and positioning Sarajevo as an attractive destination on the musical industry map.  

“When Josip Vancas and Karlo Parzik designed the building, whose front is decorated by memorial by Juraj Neidhart, named Eternal Flame, it is as if they intentionally placed the balcony turned towards the City, thus creating a kind of a stage for urban amphitheater of the future. This summer, almost 80 years after, a show to remember will happen in the epicenter of Sarajevo”, sated ‘Klabika’ team.

By giving up his fee for humanitarian purposes, in cooperation with local organizers, every year DJ Solomun provides support to activities of  local associations, youth centers, children homes and the women’s shelter in Sarajevo. This year’s funds from sponsors, in amount of BAM 30,000 will be awarded to the women’s shelter in Sarajevo.

See Solomun playing his unique DJ set in Cercle.