813th anniversary since the signing of the Charter of Kulin Ban is going to be marked on August 29 through different events. The ‘Mali Muzej BiH’ (Little Museum of BiH’) in the Alley of the Ambassadors in Sarajevo will be displaying a replica of the Kulin Ban Charter during the day of August 29, when the visitors will be able to visit the Museum free of charge. During the evening hours, the museum will host an event with music and traditional Bosnian meals. Owner of the Museum Dzemal Surkovic stated that all the kind people are welcome to come and see the Charter. The Kulin Ban Charter is a trade agreement between medieval Bosnia and the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik). By this Charter, the ruler of Bosnia Kuln Ban guaranteed full freedoms to all citizens of Ragusa in Bosnia. It is one of the oldest surviving state documents in the region. The original is kept at the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg, Russia.