The BBC World Service will record an episode of the world-renowned radio program ‘The Arts Hour on Tour’ in Sarajevo on October 11.

Author and presenter of the show Nikki Bedi will be joined on stage by a number of local movie directors, novelists, artists and musicians, with whom she will explore the cultural scene in Sarajevo.

‘The Arts Hour on Tour’ in Sarajevo will be broadcast worldwide by the BBC World Service on Saturday, October 26. After that, the entire episode will be available on the show’s official web-site.

‘The Arts Hour on Tour’ is a monthly radio program produced by the BBC World Service, which explores contemporary culture in major cities throughout the world. The show is recorded in a different city each month, and features live music, slam poetry, appearances of comedians, and interviews with acclaimed artists - thus allowing audiences around the world to feel like locals.  

Citizens of Sarajevo will be given tickets for the live recording of the show free of charge, but details are yet to be announced.