The EU Info Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Heinrich Böll Foundation are organizing an exhibition of photos ‘Where Love is Illegal’ by Robin Hammond, award-winning photographer from New Zealand.

Hammond has spent several years travelling through countries where members of the LGBTI community are being persecuted and punished, and has made hundreds of portraits of individuals who are forced to defend their identities on a daily basis.

He encouraged his subjects to write down their story and presents these narratives, unedited, next to the pictures; he also let the subjects control where and how they would be represented. In this way, he hoped to capture certain truths about them but also about questions of identity, self- representation and perception - themes dear to the LGBTI community.

The exhibition in Sarajevo will be organized in the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MAK Gallery) on September 5-11, to coincide with the first Pride Parade, scheduled to take place in Sarajevo on September 8.    

Hammond collage

Robin Hammond is the recipient of the W. Eugene Smith Fund for Humanistic Photography, a World Press Photo prize, the Pictures of the Year International World Understanding Award and four Amnesty International awards for Human Rights journalism.

He has dedicated his career to documenting human rights and development issues around the world through long-term photographic projects on the wide variety of topics - from the impact of climate change on Pacific Island communities to rape used as a weapon of war in Congo and Bosnia, from the poisoning of ecosystems by multi-nationals in developing countries to the rise of Africa’s middle class.