Sarajevo School of Economics, as the only internationally accredited faculty in the field of business studies with the longest tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is organizing the second regional innovation event based on the triple helix model, the Sarajevo Innovation Summit 2019.

The triple helix model of innovation refers to a set of interactions between universities, industry and governments - in other words between education, business and public sector - to foster economic and social development.

The basic idea of ​​the Summit is to bring together leading experts from the business, public and education sectors in the field of innovation, allowing them to present good practices and share knowledge and experiences with the goal of stimulating innovation and creating an adequate environment.

The Summit is supposed to contribute to a more open dialogue in the context of narrowing the gap between the labor market and higher education institutions in terms of creating new, market-relevant knowledge and skills, as well as to defining concrete recommendations for improving the environment that will be stimulating for innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

A number of business sector professionals, innovation researchers and representatives of public sector are expected to participate at the Summit, which will take place on October 10 at 0900 hrs in the Sarajevo City Hall.

Sarajevo Innovation Summit Agenda 1

Sarajevo Innovation Summit Agenda 2