50th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Banja Luka on October 27, 1969, will be marked with two exhibitions organized by the Museum of the RS and the Museum of Contemporary Art of the RS, in cooperation with the Archive of the RS and visual artist Dragoslav Malinic.

An exhibition of photos opens on Thursday, October 24 in the Museum of the RS.

Three days later, on the 50th anniversary of the earthquake, exhibition titled ‘1969 Earthquake in Banja Luka - Solidarity, Renovation and Construction’ will be organized in Banski Dvor.

As a part of this exhibition, visual artist from Banja Luka Dragoslav Malinic will place an intriguing piece of artwork on the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art, which will remind of consequences of the devastating earthquake, as well as of the process of reconstruction of the city.